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Executive Member for Environment and Leisure - Parry Batth


5.2.12  Executive Member for Environment and Leisure

To be the primary lead on the work of the Environment Service and all the Council’s environmental functions within that service.

To oversee waste collection and recycling services, in conjunctions with the Executive member for Resident Services, Communications and Emissions to develop a coherent long-term strategy for waste collection and recycling in order to achieve 70% recycling, increasing recyclables whilst at the same time maintaining the budget envelope.

To represent the Council on the Re3 Joint Waste Disposal Board with a view to getting the best value for money for the Borough’s residents and increasing the recyclables.

To ensure that the staff organisation is correct so as to fully exploit the opportunities for recycling and waste collection, whilst achieving the highest levels of resident satisfaction.

To oversee appropriate open space, country parks, SANG and playground provision and maintenance.

To oversee the development of new country parks in accordance with the Core Strategy.

To take the leading role in developing partnerships with other agencies and to make representations to central government, regional government etc. as appropriate.

To oversee the Leisure and Sports Development strategies and to maintain the Borough’s position as the Healthiest local Authority

To oversee the Public Rights of Way function, including Greenways. To ensure the Council is represented on the Local Access Forum and undertakes liaison with local interest groups.

To oversee and lead in the development and maintenance of play areas.

To oversee and lead in tree maintenance on Council land, Countryside services, grounds maintenance and street cleansing.

To take responsibility for monitoring gulley and pavement maintenance plans.

To mentor, support and develop the Deputy Executive Member for Environment, Leisure and Communities.

To discharge the Council’s functions in respect of community resilience and be responsible for advising the Executive in relation to such issues.

To assist the Executive Member for Resident Services, Communications and Emissions in the Council’s approach to climate issues, including energy efficiency and the management of a Carbon Reduction Plan.

To act as the primary press spokesman on all matters relating to the Environment and Leisure portfolio.

To work with the relevant Directors and the Executive Member for Finance and Housing to produce a 3-year rolling budget with the emphasis on the first 12mth which adequately cover the costs within the Executive Member’s areas of responsibility.

To ensure there is regular performance monitoring with directors against the agreed annual budget.

To ensure timely reporting of both over and under spend against agreed budget.

To ensure the preparation of supplementary budget estimates and justification for any overspend against agreed budget.

To take overall responsibility for all financial matters within the portfolio.

To take responsibility for overseeing the development of the contract procurement strategy within the Environment and Leisure portfolio, with particular regard to the following:


a)          ensuring corporate and consistent standards for monitoring and evaluation of contracts;


b)          examining with appropriate Officers ways in which contracts of all types can be better managed on a timely renewal basis to achieve greater value for money;


c)           to examine potential new ways of procuring services including;


i) outsourcing;

ii) market testing;

iii)       public/private partnerships or the Private Finance Initiative; iv)          joint working with other public bodies;


d)          monitoring and evaluating the performance and value for money of contracts that have been awarded.

To take on or transfer any other function, responsibility or role which the Leader may deem from time to time appropriate.


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