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Who is the Mayor


The Current Mayor is                      Beth Rowland

The Mayor’s consort is                    Carol Jewell


The Deputy Mayor is                       Adrian Mather

The Deputy Mayor’s consort is      Deborah Mather



What is the Mayor’s role

The Mayor is officially the ‘first citizen’ of the Borough and has a civic role, representing the Council and the people of the Borough, as well presiding over Borough Council meetings. Unless Her Majesty the Queen or her representative is in attendance, the Mayor takes precedence over any other dignitaries attending events.


The Mayor is elected by fellow Councillors at the Council’s annual meeting in May each year.


Mayor is a non-political position.  During their term the Mayors puts aside Council duties to concentrate on being the Borough’s first citizen.


The Mayor chairs Council meetings.  The Mayor also attends many functions in the Borough including:


·           Civic functions

·           Receiving dignitaries

·           Attending dinners

·           Opening events

·           Talking to clubs and societies

·           Visiting schools


The Mayor can also ask the Deputy Mayor to stand in if they are not available.


Mayor’s Charity

Traditionally, the Mayor chooses a charity to benefit from fundraising during their year in office. This year the Mayor has chosen to support The Woodley Foodbank.


Invitations for the Mayor

All invitations to attend events should be made through the Mayor’s Office.



The Mayor’s Secretary Caroline Kelly can advise on the availability of the Mayor prior to a request.

Post is held by