Executive post

.Leader of the Council - Julian McGhee-Sumner


5.2.6  Leader of The Council

To appoint up to nine members of the Executive (appointments to be on an annual basis).

To make changes to the composition of the Executive within the municipal year as necessary.

To present to the Executive the Forward Programme of Executive business covering no less than four months.

To ensure that the Forward Programme is updated monthly in accordance with statutory requirements.

To be responsible for policy co-ordination and strategy and to oversee the production of the Council’s Corporate Plan.

To work with other Executive and Deputy Executive Members in the co-ordination of the Council’s Service Plans and advise the Executive on meeting the Council’s financial targets.

To be responsible for overseeing the production of the service plans of the Communications Service.

To promote and oversee the Council’s Communications and Marketing Strategy.

To seek to raise the profile of the Council in both a county, regional and national framework.

To lead on Member training and mentoring.

To work with the Chief Executive on the Council’s organisational programme.

To ensure that there is an appropriate level of consultation, communication and participation by residents, community groups, businesses and public sector.

To oversee the operation of all Council owned companies and their subsidiaries by working with the Holding Company.

To take forward the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy and practices and lead on the development of best practice throughout the Council.

To oversee the Economic Development Strategy and build good working relationships with local businesses.

To oversee the implementation of the Council’s Investment Strategy, including oversight of the Council’s Investment Portfolio, in conjunction with the Executive Members for Finance and Resources and Business, Economic Development and Strategic Planning.

To hold the Chief Executive to account for performance and implementation across the Council, including the actions of officers, whilst ensuring that, together with the Chief Executive, there is a healthy and productive relationship between Members and officers.