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Speed limit on narrow roads without footpaths

We the undersigned petition Wokingham Borough Council to On all roads without footpaths and which narrow to a width of 5m or less, replace the existing speed limit with a new maximum speed limit of 30mph.

We, the undersigned, being residents of Bear Lane, Blakes Lane, Blakes Road, Castle End Road, Dark Lane, Milley Lane, Mumbery Hill, Scarletts Lane, Tag Lane or Wargrave Hill or other narrow residential roads within Thames Ward without footpaths, hereby petition Wokingham Borough Council to urgently lower the speed limit on such roads to a maximum of 30mph in order that residents and others who must share the carriageway on foot, bicycle, horse or vehicle may proceed safely and without the constant fear of a high speed collision.
Many of these tiny, often twisting and sometimes steep residential roads are used by a disproportionate number of motorists – measured at up to 180 an hour at peak times in Scarletts Lane – as a short cut or "rat run" without due consideration for others who have no choice but to share the road.
The majority of drivers do not exceed the current legal limit but that limit encourages them to drive at speeds above 30mph which are always dangerous given that young families can be walking on the road around the next bend.
Hence, we and many other residents are in constant fear when we leave our gates since it is often impossible to take evasive action when confronted by oncoming vehicles in one or both directions.
The number of minor accidents and near misses has increased in line with the growth in traffic since lockdown and a frightening increase in the number of delivery vans and lorries, only a small proportion of which are delivering to residents.
Some elderly or vulnerable residents are now reluctant to leave their homes while others must try to find safer times to escort their children, walk their dogs or take exercise.
We understand that speed limits will be exceeded but a 30mph limit will promote significantly greater mindfulness among drivers than the current excessively high limits.
This petition should not prompt an in-depth analysis of vehicle numbers or current speeds because it requires only common sense, logic and human decency to impose a much lower speed limit on narrow residential lanes without footpaths (and often without street lights) – as has been recognised by neighbouring local authorities including Reading, Oxfordshire and the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.
Because these roads are often well-preserved historical cart paths with an attractive rural character, this petition asks only for a reduction in the speed limit and does not seek changes to street geometry as these would urbanise them and detract forever from the amenity benefit they afford to many, residents and visitors alike.
Finally, we urge you not to delay this urgent safety measure and quality-of-life enhancement by consulting unnecessarily with the police or other authorities as their response will predictably be that they do not have the resources to enforce any such new limits. We know how effective an occasional short visit by a local neighbourhood police officer with a hand-held speed gun can be as a deterrent to all drivers.
Your Council has the power to authorise this request without reference and we urge you to do that.
Thank you.

Started by: Simon Chapman

This ePetition runs from 23/04/2024 to 22/07/2024.

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