Agenda item

Application no. 152378 - Montague Park (Phase 5), London Road, Wokingham

Recommendation: Conditional Approval.


Proposal:Reserved matters application pursuant to outline planning permission O/2010/1712 as varied by VAR/2015/0342 for a development of up to 650 dwellings and associated infrastructure. The reserved matters comprise 13 flats as an alternative to plots 398–405 previously approved under reserved matters RM/2014/0265 (Phase 5). Details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to be determined.


Applicant:Barratt Southern Counties


The Committee received and reviewed a report about this application, set out in Agenda pages 65 to 98.


The Committee was advised that the Members’ Update included:

·       clarification on the reasons for listing;

·       a recommended update to condition 2 (Plans).


Andrew Waters, representing Wokingham Town Council, spoke in objection to the application.


Simon Packer, Agent, spoke in favour of the application.


David Lee, on behalf of Local Ward Member Bob Wyatt who was unable to attend the meeting, spoke in objection to the application.


Members expressed concern at the increase in the number of flats and decrease in the number of houses, given that flats usually have a higher turnover of residents.  Some felt that the mix in this Phase was not acceptable.


The Planning Officers said that the mix has to be seen in the context of the overall development.  The Outline approved did not specify proportions of houses and flats but referred to the mix in terms of the numbers of bedrooms per unit.


RESOLVED: That application no. 152378 be approved, subject to the conditions set out on Agenda pages 67 to 70 with condition 2 amended as set out in the Members’ Update.


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