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Application No: VAR/2014/2499 - Rockwell Collins, Plot 700 Wharfedale Road, Winnersh

Recommendation:  Conditional Approval


Proposal:  Application to vary condition 12 of planning consent RM/2014/0366 to allow movement of goods 24 hours per day every day.


Applicant :Winnersh Midco Sarl


The Committee received and considered a report about this application, set out on Agenda pages 55 to 106.


The Committee was advised that the Members’ Update included information from the applicant and agent giving details of their objections to additional conditions which had been suggested by Officers.  Those conditions have not been recommended to be included.


Richard Bungay, representing local residents, spoke objecting to the application.


Robin Meakins, agent and Graham Crook, representing Rockwell Collins  both spoke in support of the application.


Councillor Prue Bray, a Local Ward Member, spoke raising some concerns about the application.  Councillor Philip Houldsworth, a Local Ward Member, spoke in support of the application.  Both suggested that residents had not really understood what the site would be used for.


Following local concerns, the applicant had submitted a Delivery Management Plan which would be used by Rockwell Collins to control the few night time deliveries/or goods outgoing in light vans or cars, that they would expect to occur.  Members were concerned to ensure that if the occupiers of the site were to change in the future, that the Delivery Management Plan would apply to the new occupiers who may have more night time deliveries than Rockwell Collins, and may want to use HGVs, and suggested that future clarification was needed.


Comment was made that the noise assessment was not relevant unless the Delivery Management Plan is implemented.


RESOLVED: That consideration of application VAR/2015/2499 be deferred so that the Delivery Management Plan condition can be reworded.

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