Agenda item

Application No. 192420 - Unit 1 (The Business Centre), Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham

Recommendation: Conditional approval subject to legal agreement


Proposal: Full application for the change of use from B8 Warehouse to mixed use of B8, B1a (Offices other than in A2) and B1c (Light Industry within a residential area). Extension of first floor. Increase in ridge height by 1.75m. Installation of 2no. silos, new external doors and solar panels.


Applicant: Mr Philip Glover, Intersurgical Ltd.


The Committee received and reviewed a report about this application, set out in agenda pages 13 to 46.


The Committee were advised that the Members’ Update included:


·           Correction of summary paragraph 4;

·           Amendment of Recommendation A to stated that the legal agreement was a personal permission;

·           Amendment of Condition 2 to include the submitted plans and drawings;

·           Additional sub-clause to Condition 5;

·           Replace reference of Condition 13 to Condition 4 on agenda page 23;

·           Additional clarification to paragraph 25, to state that the applicant was willing to accept a personal permission in order to overcome non-compliance with parking standards.


Emily Temple, agent, spoke in support of the application. Emily stated that this application would enable the expansion of Intersurgical within Wokingham. Emily added that Intersurgical was 2nd only to the Borough Council in terms of employment within the Wokingham Borough, and had been an employer within Wokingham for over 20 years. Emily stated that the NHS was Intersurgical’s largest client, and the demand for their specialist products was growing. Emily added that approximately 2 million adult respiratory masks were produced for the NHS per month, and this application would allow Intersurgical to manage this growing need. Emily stated that parking could be accommodated on other land and facilities owned locally by the applicant, and the applicant had engaged with officers throughout the planning process and agreed with all Conditions.


Simon Weeks commented that there had been no objections received from local Ward Members or the Town Council, and the two neighbour letters of objection had been addressed by the officer within the report.


Andrew Mickleburgh applauded the inclusion of solar panels on this application, and raised some concern regarding the proposed silos with regards to additional noise. Senjuti Manna, Case Officer, stated that the proposed additional silos would produce noise at 6Db higher than permitted levels. However, there was a noise mitigation condition that was required to be implemented prior to construction of the proposed silos. The application site was located within an industrial estate and there was therefore a certain expectancy of some residual noise.


Abdul Loyes queried whether there were any health and safety concerns with regards to the overhead power cables and the proposed new structures. Senjuti Manna stated that the building was not moving closer to the overhead power cables and the footprint of the building was not changing, therefore the proposed development would have a neutral effect with regards to the overhead power cables.


Gary Cowan queried the additional sub-clause (h) included within the Members’ Update. Simon Weeks proposed that this now read, “…should be kept clear of parked, loading and unloading construction traffic at all times”. This proposal was seconded and carried.


Gary Cowan queried what public transport was available on Molly Millers Lane, and why the travel plan had been removed. Senjuti Manna stated that the site was within walking distance of the train station and a bus stop was approximately 40 metres away. Senjuti added that a staff survey showed that 64% of staff drove to the site. Senjuti stated that the travel plan had not been removed from this application, but instead it had been removed from the approved document.


RESOLVED That application number 192420 be approved, subject to conditions and informatives as set out in agenda pages 14 to 21, various amendments and clarifications within the Members’ Update, and amendment to the additional sub-clause (h) set out within the Members’ Update as resolved by the Committee.

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