Agenda item

Application No. 191949 - Land at Matthewsgreen Farm, Matthewsgreen Road, Wokingham, RG41 1JX

Recommendation: Conditional approval subject to completion of deed of variation


Proposal: Application for approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline

planning permission ref. O/2014/2242 for a revised layout and design of part of Phase 4, comprising an additional 26 dwellings (to the 248 approved under reserved matters applications 172751 and 181888); the erection of 33 dwellings within Phase 4d and 81 dwellings within Phase 5, together with associated amenity spaces, garages, parking, internal roads, pathways, drainage and associated landscaping. (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale to be considered).


Applicant: Bovis Homes


The Committee received and reviewed a report about this application, set out in agenda pages 17 to 50.


The Committee were advised that the Members’ Update included:


·           Addition to part A of the Committee recommendation;

·           Addition of numerous drawing numbers under condition 2;

·           Clarification of paragraph 54 regarding garden depths.


Peter Warren, agent, spoke in support of the application. Peter stated that he was speaking on behalf of Bovis Homes and they were collectively happy with the Officer recommendation. Peter added that the proposals were in keeping with the surrounding area and within the parameters of the outline permission. Peter stated that these plans removed the 3 storey block and replaced it with 4 smaller scale apartment blocks with the third floor being incorporated into the eves of the roofs, with additional landscaping and tree planting present. Peter added that only one access point would be delivered on site, down from 3 approved at outline. This was in response to neighbour and Highways Officers highways safety concerns. Peter concluded by stating that there would be a 50m landscape buffer along the Twyford Road, and additional open space would be delivered as a part of phase 5 of the development.


Simon Weeks commented that the extra care facility was no longer required on site, and was removed by the developer at the request of Wokingham Borough Council (WBC). Simon added that there was an increase in on-site affordable housing and the Town and Parish Council’s objections had been addressed.


Stephen Conway commented that this development would place additional pressure on Twyford train station, and queried whether part of the developer contribution could be used to improve parking at Twyford station and provide a shuttle bus service to and from the Matthewsgreen development. Judy Kelly, Highways Development Manager, stated that the original S106 agreement had flexibility built in, and proposals were being assessed by WBC’s public transport team. Judy added that a bus stop was present adjacent to the Matthewsgreen development. Stephen Conway proposed that an informative be added, stating that the Committee asked that WBC and Bovis Homes work together to achieve frequent peak hour public transport links between the Matthewsgreen development site and Twyford train station, in order to relieve car parking pressure at the station. This proposal was seconded and added to the list of informatives that formed part of the Officer recommendation.


Andrew Mickleburgh queried whether the affordable housing mix was appropriate, and how the local labour informative would be enforced. Connor Corrigan, Service Manager – Strategic Development Locations: Planning Delivery, stated that WBC’s affordable housing team had advised that the mix of affordable housing was suitable and met the required needs of the area. Connor added that there was a team within WBC that assessed opportunities for local labour, and where possible WBC worked with developers to give local people apprenticeships at local developments. There was however a limit to what could be offered at a local level, but where possible local apprenticeships were awarded.


RESOLVED That application number 191949 be approved, subject to conditions and informatives set out in agenda pages 18 to 21, additional informative as resolved by the Committee, addition to part A of the Officer recommendation as set out in the Members’ Update and addition of drawing numbers under condition 2 as set out in the Members’ Update.

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