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Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust draft Quality Account

To consider the Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust draft Quality Account. (15 mins)


Dr Wilson presented the Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust draft Quality Account 2015 to the Board.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         The Account included the Trust’s priorities for the year ahead and information on the previous year’s priorities.

·         Nick Campbell-White emphasised that the Account did not give sufficient information on outcomes with regards to CAMHS.  Dr Wilson commented that activity with regards to Tier 3 had increased and that the Account did refer to working effectively with other commissioners.  CAMHS had been reorganised but demand had not yet been caught up with.

·         Nick Campbell-White commented that CAMHS had been identified as a priority the previous year and questioned why the Account stated that a lot of work was still required in this area.  Dr Wilson commented that there had been progress in the understanding of what was needed and in working with partners.

·         With regards to the funding of CAMHS, Dr Zylstra commented that there were different commissioners for different parts of the service.

·         Councillor Haitham Taylor commented that the length of waiting times for CAMHS was unacceptable.  She also expressed concern at the percentage of readmissions and the fact that only 76% of practitioners working with the 0-19 children’s community health teams across Berkshire were compliant with receiving individual child protection supervision between September 2012 and April 2013.  She felt that the forward plan for the next year could be more detailed.

·         Dr Wilson assured the Board that local plans were in place to tackle CAMHS waiting lists.  Whilst the Trust had selected 3-4 priorities for the Quality Account, this did not reflect all that the Trust was doing.

·         Judith Ramsden commented that as Director of Children’s Services she would look for much quicker assurance and that change needed to have happened within 3 months.  She was disappointed that children in care were not a key group of those who experienced health inequality but she was very supportive of the health visitor service.

·         Dr Wilson indicated that much of the content within the draft Account was mandated. 

·         Dr Llewellyn emphasised that it was important to understand why the number of children using CAMHS was increasing.

·         Nick Campbell-White suggested that more needed to be included in the Account regarding how the Trust would deal with complaints it received.

·         It was proposed that a Board meeting focus on CAMHS to enable Board members to look at different aspects of the service.

·         It was noted that the Trust was working hard to engage with staff.

·         Stuart Rowbotham commented that the number of nursing vacancies was of concern particularly as there was investment in increased community services out of hospital.  Beverley Graves asked what was being done to support nurses’ wellbeing.

·         With regards to a common point of entry, Stuart Rowbotham suggested that the Trust engage with the work being carried out in relation to the Hub.  Dr Wilson indicated that progress had been made with the recruitment of health visitors.


RESOLVED  That the Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust draft Quality Account 2015 be noted.


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