Agenda item

Application no 170035 - Land to the West of Shinfield

Recommendation:  Approval


Proposal:  Reserved Matters application for a two form entry (2FE) primary school, including all hard & soft play areas, school car parking, attenuation pond (habitat area), landscaping and associated drop off car parking.


Applicant:  Bovis Homes Ltd, Bloor Homes Ltd, Linden (Shinfield) LLP


The Committee received and reviewed a report about this application, set out in Agenda pages 41 to 68.


The Committee were advised that the Members’ Update included:


·         Proposed amendment of Condition 2 listing additional plans;

·         Proposed amendment of Condition 4 regarding hours of use;

·         Additional information to be included in the summary information, and

·         Corrections to the report regarding the plan’s adherence to the principles in the outline plan and the size of the football pitch.


Piers Brunning, Service Manager for Policy, Strategy and Partnerships, Spoke in favour of the application.  He explained that primary school places in the Shinfield area were at a premium, with both the existing schools completely full, and that the proposed developments in the area would increase demand further.  He stated that the Council had worked very closely with the Floreat Education Trust.  He commented on the modern design, stating that it fitted with other new schools being built nationally.  He was confident that the quality of learning and teaching would be enhanced by the design.  The school was intending to be active in the development and maintenance of its travel plan.


In response to a Member query, the Case Officer stated that the school’s expansion would occur in phase over 7 years, increasing each year as the pupils went up the school and starting from reception.  In response to a Member query regarding colours, the Case Officer stated that the final colour of the rendering would need to be approved, as set out in Condition 3.


In regards to parking for staff, the Service Manager, Highways Development Management, stated that the allocated spaces had been calculated for the average of FTE staff inline with recent new and extended schools within the Borough.  The operator for this new school became known through the process and as such higher FTE was established.  However based on the current proposed parking for staff and additional parking also made available within the site, the scheme proposed still provided adequate parking provision to meet the Council’s standards. A further 10 spaces were also indicated on the plan for future potential expansion to a three form of entry school which was in line with Council standards but would be considered at a later stage.  He went on to state that new development surrounding the school would result in an increase of 1200 plus properties that would be able to make use of the new footpath and cycleway network provided within the development and linking to it.  The Travel Plan which was also secured through the application would play a big part delivering a sustainable school within such a new development that will be built out alongside the school.


In response to Member questions around health and safety, the Case Officer stated that the attenuation pond would be fenced.  The Council’s intention was that Ryeish Green School would be the sports hub in the area so there was no requirement that the football pitch in the application be floodlit.  Members indicated that they would like to see the sprinkler system referred to in the report installed.


Resolved:  That Application no 170035 be approved, subject to the conditions set out in Agenda pages 41 to 68 and the amendments, corrections and additional information as laid out in the Members’ Update.


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