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Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Monday, 3rd June, 2019 7.00 pm

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Election of Chairman

To elect a Chairman for the 2019-2020 municipal year.


RESOLVED:  That Councillor Ken Miall be elected Chairman for the 2019-2020 municipal year.


Appointment of Vice Chairman

To appoint a Vice Chairman for the 2019-2020 municipal year.


RESOLVED:  That Councillor Abdul Loyes be appointed Vice Chairman for the 2019-2020 municipal year.



To receive any apologies for absence


An apology for absence was submitted from Councillor Richard Dolinski.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 267 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 March 2019.



The Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 6 March 2019 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Councillor Jones questioned whether a response had been received regarding whether delivery drivers who were currently driving in the UK using EU driving licences would be required to gain UK licences in the event of a no deal Brexit.  He was informed that a response had been circulated previously.


In response to a question from Councillor Cowan regarding the business continuity plans for providers, it was confirmed that these were in place.


Declaration of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Public Question Time

To answer any public questions


A period of 30 minutes will be allowed for members of the public to ask questions submitted under notice.


The Council welcomes questions from members of the public about the work of this committee.


Subject to meeting certain timescales, questions can relate to general issues concerned with the work of the Committee or an item which is on the Agenda for this meeting.  For full details of the procedure for submitting questions please contact the Democratic Services Section on the numbers given below or go to


There were no public questions.



Member Question Time

To answer any member questions


There were no Member questions.



Wokingham Borough Wellbeing Board Update 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 453 KB

To receive an update on the Wokingham Borough Wellbeing Board.

Additional documents:


Councillor Batth, former Chairman of the Wokingham Borough Wellbeing Board and Graham Ebers, Deputy Chief Executive updated the Committee on the work of the Wokingham Borough Wellbeing Board.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         The Health and Wellbeing Board had changed its name to highlight the commitment to wellbeing.  There were a wide range of partners including the voluntary sector who played a part in the promotion of health and wellbeing.

·         Graham Ebers highlighted the core functions of the Board.

·         Members were informed that the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy had been refreshed and the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2021, produced.  The three main priorities were; creating physically active communities; reducing social isolation and loneliness and; narrowing the health inequalities gap.  Under each priority, a Strategy into action group had identified themes which derived from national reports and had been proven to work against the key priorities and to have a positive effect on the community, and core action areas which would be the beginning focus of the strategy. 

·         A Strategy into Action action plan was being produced.  Partners and stakeholders had been written to and asked about the current projects and activities their organisations were carrying out in alignment with the Wellbeing Board’s priorities and where they saw any gaps.  The Board had also held a world café style workshop to discuss how to approach the three key priorities and a paper regarding specific actions would be presented at a future Board meeting.

·         Councillor Mather questioned whether the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment was updated on an ongoing basis and was informed that it was.

·         It was noted that Population Health Management would be a triple integration of primary and specialist care, physical and mental health and health and social care.  The Integrated Care Systems would work alongside Local Authority partners to develop proactive and preventative approaches which would enable early intervention and targeted support.

·         In response to a question from Councillor Mather about best practice, Graham Ebers indicated that representatives had visited a number of Wellbeing Boards and participated in a LGA workshop.  With regards to how the integrated system worked best, the national view was that the Wigan model and the Canterbury model worked well.  Consideration also needed to be given as to what would work best for Wokingham Borough.

·         The Committee was informed of Localities Plus.  Localities Plus had been established to ensure connectivity between the 3 Conversations model in Adult Social Care, 21st Century Council and the NHS Long Term Plan and to support and co-ordinate the transition to the 4 localities in Wokingham – North, South, East and West.  The desired outcome was to enable residents to receive the right level of support, at the right time and place in an efficient manner, which would enable self-sufficient, healthy and resilient communities.

·         Councillor Jones asked whether the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment had identified any gaps in provision in the Borough and was informed that it had not.  He stated that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Better Care Fund 2018/2019 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To receive a report regarding the Better Care Fund 2018/19.


Members received an update on the Better Care Fund 2018-19.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         The Better Care Fund (BCF) had been developed to pool resources and deliver the integration of adult health and social care services, and had come into effect in 2014.

·         Locally the focus had been on making improvements in the adult services area.

·         Rhian Warner, Wokingham BCF Programme Manager, updated the Committee on the four local schemes; Integrated Front Door - The Health and Social Care Hub; Wokingham Integrated Social Care and Health (WISH) Team, including Step Down; Community Health and Social Care (CHASC) including Community Navigators and; Step Up.

·         It was noted that the top 10% of service users accounted for up to 50% of the spend in the Borough.

·         Rhian Warner highlighted the Step Up service.  Since December 2017 6 Step Up beds had been offered in Wokingham Community Hospital for residents, providing an alternative to acute hospital admission.  It had been very successful.

·         In response to a question from Councillor Richards regarding the capacity of the Step Up scheme, Rhian Warner indicated that the 6 beds had been operating at capacity for the last 6 months.  The number was considered sufficient but this would be kept under review.

·         Councillor Loyes questioned whether 24 hour a day care was provided under the Step Up scheme and was informed that it was. 

·         The Better Care Fund also funded six Berkshire West wide schemes; Care Homes (Community Support) Project - incorporating RRaT (Rapid Response and Treatment; Connected Care; Integrated Discharge Team (IDT) and Trusted Assessment; Street Triage – Mental Health; Falls and Frailty and Brokerage service for self-funders at the RBFT (provided by CHS Healthcare).

·         In response to a question from Councillor Mather, Rhian Warner clarified that the Connected Care project was running approximately 6 months behind. 

·         Councillor Loyes asked about the funding of the Street Triage scheme.  Rhian Warner commented that it was split according to usage.  Reading Borough Council paid the greatest proportion of the three Berkshire West local authorities and Wokingham the least.

·         Councillor Jones asked how successful the Street Triage Scheme was.  Rhian Warner stated that the number of people who would have gone into custody had reduced, and that savings had been made.  Councillor Jones went on to ask which organisations received these savings.  Rhian Warner explained that the scheme was partly funded by the Police and that savings were returned to the Police and health.

·         Members were pleased to note that the Falls and Frailty initiative had reduced conveyance to hospital rates by 30%.  In response to a question from Nick Durman, Rhian Warner explained that the Falls and Frailty was operated through the 999 service and that dispatchers determined whether it was more appropriate to send an ambulance or a rapid dispatch car.  Work was also being undertaken with Wokingham Medical Centre and population health management data around falls.

·         The Committee discussed the Step Down scheme which was due to cease in its  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Update on the work of Healthwatch Wokingham Borough

To receive an update on the work of Healthwatch Wokingham Borough.


The Committee received an update on the work of Healthwatch Wokingham Borough.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         Jim Stockley informed Members that Nicola Strudley had resigned.  Members asked that their thanks and best wishes be passed on.

·         Jim introduced Nick Durman and Heather Murray to the Committee.  Heather was a new member of the Healthwatch Board who brought with her considerable experience of the health environment.

·         Nick Durman took the Committee through a public engagement report regarding the NHS Long Term Plan.  Healthwatch Wokingham had undertaken two surveys and also undertaken a focus groups with young carers and older people with long term conditions.  Members asked to be sent the finalised report.  Nick Durman indicated that the Committee would also be able to see the Wokingham specific information.

·         Jim Stockley stated that the community research projects were starting to report back.

·         Members were encouraged to visit the revamped Healthwatch Wokingham Borough website.


RESOLVED: That the update on the work of Healthwatch Wokingham Borough be noted.


Forward Programme 2019-2020 pdf icon PDF 49 KB

To consider the forward programme for 2019-2020.


The Committee considered the forward programme for the 2019-2020 municipal year.


·         The Committee asked to see the finalised Healthwatch report when available.  Nick Durman indicated that Wokingham specific information could also be provided at a future meeting.

·         Councillor Soane asked whether the Committee could receive an update on ambulance response times.

·         Councillor Swaddle suggested that the Committee be updated on the work being undertaken with regards to the Wellbeing Strategy priority of reducing social isolation and loneliness.

·         Councillor Cowan questioned how the Primary Care Networks related to the Local Plan Update.

·         Councillor Mather requested an explanation on how the Better Care Fund allocation for Wokingham was calculated.

·         Members proposed that Optalis be invited to a future meeting to provide an update on their work.


RESOLVED:  That the forward programme be noted.