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Meeting: 13/10/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 46)

46 Application No.212228 - Lambs Lane Primary School, Lambs Lane, Spencers Wood pdf icon PDF 259 KB

Recommendation: Conditional approval

Additional documents:


Proposal: Full application for the retention of an existing single storey modular building for a temporary period of 7 years. (Retrospective)


Applicant: Wokingham Borough Council (WBC)


The Committee considered a report about this application, set out in agenda pages 201 to 220.


The Committee were advised that updates contained within the supplementary planning agenda included clarification relating to the resource base and the seven year permission period.


Bill Soane queried how the site had managed to get three additional years of use without returning to the Planning Committee, and queried whether any permission granted should now be for 4 years rather than for seven. Adriana Gonzalez, case officer, stated that she did not know the details regarding why this application had not come forward until now, and confirmed that the permission as proposed would grant seven years of permission from the date of the decision. Adriana added that the seven year permission would allow further assessment of the structure and potential future options under the maintenance order. Justin Turvey, Operational Manager – Development Management, confirmed that the seven year permission would allow time to further assess future standards and needs of the site.


Stephen Conway wished for comments to be passed on regarding the Committee’s concern over the time taken to bring this application forward for consideration.


Carl Doran commented that these buildings needed to be replaced properly, and he hoped that a permanent solution could be found in future.


Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey commented that these facilities were struggling to be replaced due to tight budgets for schools.


RESOLVED That application number 212228 be approved, subject to conditions and informative as set out on agenda page 202.