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Executive Member for Regeneration - Charlotte Haitham Taylor


5.2.16 Executive Member for Regeneration

To oversee the projects relating to the regeneration of the Borough’s Town Centres and other related projects across the Borough.

To take responsibility for and maintain oversight of the Wokingham Town Centre Regeneration.

To deliver the Council’s Asset Strategy with regard to all Council owned property, to take a role in acquisition and/or disposal of assets in line with Council policies, and to advise other Members of Council policy and targets in respect of asset management, as overseen by the Leader and the Executive Member for Business and Economic Development.

To ensure that decisions and policies within the Regeneration portfolio are in accordance with the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

To hold the Director of Finance to account for the performance and improvement of the services and sufficiency duties.

To act as the primary press spokesman on all matters relating to the whole of the Regeneration portfolio.

To cover the development and implementation of the Town Centre Lettings Strategy.

To take responsibility for overseeing the development of the contract procurement strategy within the Regeneration portfolio, with particular regard to the following:

a) ensuring corporate and consistent standards for monitoring and evaluation of



b) examining with appropriate Officers ways in which contracts of all types can be


better managed on a timely renewal basis to achieve greater value for money;

c) to examine potential new ways of procuring services including;

i) outsourcing;

ii) market testing;

iii) public/private partnerships or the Private Finance Initiative;

iv) joint working with other public bodies;


d) monitoring and evaluating the performance and value for money of contracts that

have been awarded.

To take on any other function, responsibility or role which the Leader may deem from time

to time appropriate and to transfer any function, responsibility or role which the Leader

may deem from time to time appropriate.

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