Executive post

Executive Member for Neighbourhood and Communities - Bill Soane


5.2.10 Executive Member for Neighbourhood and Communities       

To provide management direction for the following services areas; Community Engagement, Community Environmental, External BME Forum, Community Safety Partnerships (CSP), Libraries, Registrars and Public Protection Partnership* (PPP).

To redesign how these council services should be run, away from individual service perspectives to a customer perspective whilst ensuring key statutory accountabilities are met in collaboration with other peers and wider colleagues/stakeholders.

To provide leadership, support, challenge and contribution to the Council’s community leadership role, ensuring delivery of the Corporate Plan and Community Strategy.

To take responsibility for the Community Safety Partnership (ASB, DA and DHR) and Public Protection Partnership in conjunction with other agencies and organisations. Maintaining regulatory services and leading on all associated projects and forums.

To increase the profile of the service teams in the community, working in conjunction with the Voluntary Sector, Town & Parish Councils and wider Stakeholders.

To create a sense of shared purpose and vision with our Town and Parish councils, delivering a strong partnership approach to community and funding problems

To ensure that all enforcement functions across the council and partners are joined up to deliver the most effective outcomes for the residents of Wokingham Borough.

To optimise all income streams across the service identifying further monetisation opportunities to support the Councils support of the community and customer requirements.

To aid in managing, motivating, developing, coaching and appraising team members to maximise their individual and collective performance, fulfil their potential, embedding personal development to deliver a high-performance culture within the service(s).

To develop and manage the Council’s approach to:

·       Travellers

·       Flytippping

·       Domestic violence

·       Antisocial behaviour

·       Vermin

·       Noise

·       Bonfires

To mentor, support and develop the Deputy Executive Member for Environment, Leisure and Communities.

To work with the relevant Directors and the Executive Member for Finance and Housing to produce a 3-year rolling budget with the emphasis on the first 12mth which adequately cover the costs within the Executive Member’s areas of responsibility.

To ensure there is regular performance monitoring with directors against the agreed annual budget.

To ensure timely reporting of both over and under spend against agreed budget.

To ensure the preparation of supplementary budget estimates and justification for any overspend against agreed budget.

To take overall responsibility for all financial matters within the portfolio.

To take responsibility for overseeing the development of the contract procurement strategy within the Neighbourhoods and Communities portfolio, with particular regard to the following:


a)          ensuring corporate and consistent standards for monitoring and evaluation of contracts;


b)          examining with appropriate Officers ways in which contracts of all types can be better managed on a timely renewal basis to achieve greater value for money;


c)           to examine potential new ways of procuring services including;


i               outsourcing

ii             market testing

iii            public/private partnerships

iv           joint working



d)          monitoring and evaluating the performance and value for money of contracts that have been awarded.

To take on or transfer any other function, responsibility or role which the Leader may deem from time to time appropriate.