Executive post

Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Services - Charles Margetts


5.2.13 Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Services

To oversee the work of the Council’s Adult Social Care and ensure they are carried out

efficiently and effectively.

To be the Executive Member responsible for:

a) overseeing the production of all statutory and service plans within the remit of the



b) joint working with health organisations and the voluntary sector;


c) taking forward the Council’s Better Government for Older People’s Strategy;


d) preparation for and implementation of agreed action plans from inspections

including joint reviews and CQC reviews;


e) developing a range of partnerships and initiatives in liaison with community

groups, e.g. the Carers’ Strategy.

Responsible for the development of new or revised Adult Social Services policies with due

regard to corporate objectives, including equal opportunities and social inclusion.

Advise the Council on forthcoming developments in the Health Legislation including Public

Health responsibilities.

To oversee the production and development of the Council’s future strategy for Social


Responsible for overseeing Optalis, the Council’s Social Care Company from a service

commissioning perspective.

To represent the Council as determined by the Executive on outside bodies and in

discussions/negotiations with regional, national and government bodies.

To lead on the Commissioning Strategy for Adult Social Care and Health.

Responsible for overseeing transitional arrangements when children become adults, in

conjunction with the Executive Member for Children’s Services.

To work collaboratively with the Executive Members for Children’s Services and Finance

and Housing to ensure the needs of young people, and children and young adults with

disabilities and/or with their families are met.

To ensure that decisions and policies within the Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing

portfolio are in accordance with the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

To hold the Director of Adult Services to account for the performance and improvement of

the services and sufficiency duties.

To lead on engagement with the community and voluntary sector.

To act as the primary press spokesman on all matters relating to the whole of the Adult

Social Care, Health and Wellbeing (including aspects that are delegated to the Deputy

Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing Adult Social Care,).

To mentor, support and develop the Deputy Executive Member.

To take responsibility for overseeing the development of the contract procurement strategy

within the Health, Wellbeing, Adult Social Care, portfolio, with particular regard to the


a) ensuring corporate and consistent standards for monitoring and evaluation of



b) examining with appropriate Officers ways in which contracts of all types can be

better managed on a timely renewal basis to achieve greater value for money;


c) to examine potential new ways of procuring services including;

i) outsourcing;

ii) market testing;

iii) public/private partnerships or the Private Finance Initiative;

iv) joint working with other public bodies;


d) monitoring and evaluating the performance and value for money of contracts that

have been awarded.

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