Executive post

Executive Member for Resident Services, Communications and Emissions - Gregor Murray


5.2.10 Executive Member for Climate Emergency

To oversee and develop the Council’s approach to climate issues, including energy

efficiency and the management of a Carbon Reduction Plan.

To develop, in conjunction with other Executive Members and Directors, the Council’s

approach to setting the strategy for making Wokingham Borough carbon neutral by 2030.

To hold the Director of Locality and Customer Services to account for the performance and

improvement of the services and sufficiency duties.

To develop a daily information base for the Leader and Chief Executive on residents’

concerns and queries.

To be responsible for developing the Council’s E-government strategy and for meeting

government targets for electronic delivery of services.

To be responsible for advising the Executive on the development and performance of

Customer Services.

To mentor, support and develop the Deputy Executive Member.

To develop the Council’s Communications and Marketing Strategy, overseen by the

Leader of the Council.

To ensure that there is an appropriate level of consultation, communication and

participation by residents, community groups, businesses and public sector.

To take on any other function, responsibility or role which the Leader may deem from time

to time appropriate and to transfer any function, responsibility or role which the Leader

may deem from time to time appropriate.

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