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Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Resident Services - Sarah Kerr


5.2.9  Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Resident Services

To oversee and develop the Council’s approach to climate issues, including energy efficiency and the management of a Carbon Reduction Plan.

To develop, in conjunction with other Executive Members and Directors, the Council’s approach to setting the strategy for playing as full a role as possible – leading by example as well as by exhortation – in achieving a carbon neutral Wokingham Borough by 2030.

To take the lead in ensuring the carbon neutrality strategy is continuously developed and the elements within it are achieved.

To take the lead in developing solar farms and other forms of renewable energy in the Borough.

To work with the Executive member for the Environment, Sport, and Leisure to develop a coherent long-term strategy for waste collection and recycling in order to achieve 70% recycling, increasing recyclables whilst at the same time maintaining the budget envelope.

To work with the Executive member for Highways and Transport to ensure that electric vehicle charging points are available and increasing.

To develop a daily information base for the Leader and Chief Executive on residents’ concerns and queries.

To be responsible for developing the Council’s E-government strategy and for meeting government targets for electronic delivery of services.

To be responsible for advising the Executive on the development and performance of Customer Services.

To work with the relevant Directors and the Executive Member for Housing to produce a 3-year rolling budget with the emphasis on the first 12 month which adequately cover the costs within the Executive Member’s areas of responsibility.

To ensure there is regular performance monitoring with directors against the agreed annual budget.

To ensure timely reporting of both over and under spend against agreed budget.

To ensure the preparation of supplementary budget estimates and justification for any overspend against agreed budget.

To take overall responsibility for all financial matters within the portfolio.

To take responsibility for overseeing the development of the contract procurement strategy within Climate Emergency and Resident Services portfolio, including ensuring corporate and consistent standards for monitoring and evaluation of such contracts, and paying attention to timeliness and value for money.

To develop the arts and culture strategy of the Council and to oversee its implementation.

To be responsible for overseeing the Council’s IT function and re-design of the website

To provide management direction for the following services areas; Libraries and Registrars.

To develop and manage the Council’s approach to domestic violence.

To act as the primary press spokesperson on all matters relating to the whole of the Climate and Resident Services portfolio.

To take on or transfer any other function, responsibility, or role which the Leader may deem from time to time appropriate.

To work with Executive Members to develop the Council’s external funding strategy to maximise income from government and other sources.



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