Executive post

Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Children's Services - Prue Bray



5.2.8  Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Children’s Services

To deputise for the Leader of the Council in all his or her responsibilities, undertake all the Leader’s statutory functions in his/her absence, and deal with specific tasks allocated by the Leader.

To take on or transfer any other function, responsibility or role which the Leader may deem from time to time appropriate.

To work with all Executive Members to develop the Council’s external funding strategy to maximise income from government and other sources.

To liaise with school governors, headteachers and other relevant stakeholders including teachers, parents and diocesan representatives, as well as with Government, and regional and national bodies.

To oversee the work of the Education Service and ensuring that it meets the needs of schools, colleges, academies, and other stakeholders and is provided efficiently and effectively.

To review the Council’s Children’s Services policies and strategies and advising the Executive, and where appropriate making recommendations to Council.

To take responsibility for overseeing transitional arrangements when children become adults, in conjunction with the Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Services.

To ensure that schools are fully consulted on changes in policy and practice.

To ensure the continued work and development of the Council as a provider and commissioner of Early Years and Childcare services and children’s centres.

To oversee the Council’s youth service and activities and, as required, to represent the interests of the youth service on Children’s Partnership Boards.

To be responsible for the planning and provision of school places and recommend changes in school organisation to the Council.

To establish or recommend the establishment of new and Re-sited Schools as appropriate.

To oversee the School Admission Process.

To oversee school improvement plans.

To oversee school development and refurbishment plans and their capital investments.

To be responsible for working with academies and free schools in the Borough.

To oversee the production of all statutory and service plans within the remit of the service.

To take responsibility for overseeing and preparing for inspections and reviews.

To report on evaluation and review of services as necessary.

To work closely with all relevant service areas to ensure the most cost effective home to school transport is provided.

To lead on the implementation of school development and delivery of the 0-16 school places sufficiency duty, as well as strategies including sufficiency of child-care places and post-16 places.

To ensure a fully costed model of traded and support services to schools, colleges, academies and free schools is delivered.

To act as the primary press spokesperson on all matters relating to the whole of the

Children’s Services portfolio.

To set the policy direction for all aspects of Children’s Services based on best evidence.

To undertake the statutory responsibility for Children’s Services and Safeguarding, including early help and protection, children in care, care leavers, adoption and fostering, youth offending services, and services for children and young adults with disability.

To work collaboratively with the Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Services to ensure the needs of young people, and children and young adults with disabilities and/or with their families are met.

To hold the Director of Children’s Services, Assistant Directors, and managers to account for the performance and improvement of the services and sufficiency duties.

To champion children-in-care leavers’ needs and ensure that the importance of their wellbeing and educational attainment is recognised and owned across the whole Council and by all elected Members and Officers.

To oversee the Council’s role in lifelong learning and playing a full part in the work of the Lifelong Learning Partnership.

To set strategic direction for the adult education offer.

To attend meetings of the Local Safeguarding Board.

To work with the relevant Directors, the Leader and the Executive Member for Finance to produce a 3-year rolling budget with the emphasis on the first 12 month which adequately cover the costs within the Executive Member’s areas of responsibility.

To ensure there is regular performance monitoring with directors against the agreed annual budget.

To ensure timely reporting of both over and under spend against agreed budget.

To ensure the preparation of supplementary budget estimates and justification for any overspend against agreed budget.

To take overall responsibility for all financial matters within the portfolio.

To take responsibility for overseeing the development of the contract procurement strategy within the Children’s Services portfolio, including ensuring corporate and consistent standards for monitoring and evaluation of such contracts, and paying attention to timeliness and value for money.

To take on or transfer any other function, responsibility, or role which the Leader may deem from time to time appropriate. 

To work with all Executive Members to develop the Council’s external funding strategy to maximise income from government and other sources.


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