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Speed/safety Review Montague Park

We the undersigned petition Wokingham Borough Council to undertake a speed review and safety of the roads within Montague Park, especially during the school drop off and pick up.

Montague Park is a new estate to the South East of Wokingham whose roads are not adopted by the council, though the process is underway. As residents we are concerned about the speeding within the estate on William Heelas Way, Whitlock Ave. We recognise that the roads have been designed to meet some standards, however we do not believe that the design is actually correct due to the number of incidents. As such we demand:

- a review of the safety of these roads, especially for the school run bearing in mind that William Heelas Way will become the Southern Distribution Road

- a review of the speed limits, reduce all roads to 20MPH, including William Heelas Way during the school start/end of day.

- a review and implementation of traffic calming measures over and above the current road design , which is not having the expected effects.

Having these performed prior to the council adopting the road will potentially save residents' money and improve safety.

Started by: Peter Dennis

This ePetition runs from 03/08/2020 to 01/11/2020.

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