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Rushey Way and Gipsy Lane junction

We the undersigned petition Wokingham Borough Council to install a new roundabout (or mini-roundabout) at the junction of Rushey Way and Gipsy Lane.

Motorists currently experience difficulty in turning right into Rushey Way from Gipsy Lane due to fast moving heavy traffic in both directions at busy times. Although there is a 30mph limit on Rushey Way, many motorists exceed that limit and it has become dangerous to negotiate this junction.
We request that measures are put in place to slow the eastbound Rushey Way traffic as it approaches Gipsy Lane and a mini-roundabout installed. Alternatively, if there are safety concerns, we request that space be created for a more conventional roundabout at this site.

Started by: STEVE FELTHAM (Maiden Erlegh Residents' Association (MERA))

This ePetition runs from 23/06/2022 to 21/09/2022.

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