Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Wokingham Special Educational Needs School30/07/2020For Determination24/09/2020
Fees and Charges30/07/2020For Determination26/11/2020
Care and Support Procurement30/07/2020For Determination26/11/2020
Proposal to Mitigate Against Wet Paper30/07/2020For Determination11/09/2020
WBC Response to Reading Borough Council's Local Transport Plan Consultation21/07/2020For Determination20/08/2020
Consultation on Ending the Sale of New Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid Cars and Vans by 2035 (or earlier) Response18/06/2020For Determination23/07/2020
Emergency Duty Service Contract03/06/2020For Determination21/07/2020
Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service26/02/2020For Determination24/09/2020
0-19(25) Healthy Child Programme30/09/2019For Determination28/01/2021
Housing Strategy 2020-202427/08/2019For Determination29/10/2020