Issue - decisions

Community Facility at SM4 Strategic Development Location

30/07/2015 - Community Facility at SM4 Strategic Development Location


1)        the University of Reading be advised that WBC elect to accept a cash contribution in lieu of direct provision of a community building for Shinfield Village Centre, pursuant to the Shinfield West S106 agreement;


2)        agreement in principle be given to develop the new community facilities to serve the South of the M4 SDL on the Royal British Legion site in Shinfield Village Centre subject to the Director of the Environment and Executive Member for Planning and Highways receiving from Shinfield Parish Council (SPC) a satisfactory form of


a)        business case for erection of a community facility and its ongoing operation;

b)        agreement to contribute funds towards the project (to be determined);

c)         agreement to suitable governance arrangements with WBC to enable provision of services which are consistent with ‘Shaping Our New Communities’ principles;

d)         evidence of wider community support for the community facility


3)        subject to 2) being satisfactorily concluded, initial feasibility, costings and other details to be worked up and reported back to the Executive to enable a planning application to be progressed;


4)        in the event that resolution 2 is not met by 31 December 2015 that the community S106 will be released to WBC to implement community/leisure projects to support the South of the M4 SDL.