Agenda item

Review of Schools Forum Membership

To receive and consider a report a report reviewing the Schools Forum membership arrangements.


The Forum considered the report reviewing Schools Forum membership which was set out in agenda pages 37-42.  Alan Stubbersfield, Interim Head of Learning and Achievement presented the report.


Alan stated that the membership was last reviewed in 2015, therefore it was time to review it again, in line with the new pupil population statistics.  The Local Authority was required to secure that primary, secondary and academy schools’ representation was broadly proportionate, having regard to the number of pupils registered at them.


Alan pointed out that the Forum had to comply with the membership requirements set out in the Schools Forum regulations.  The regulations stipulated the following statutory representation:


·           Academies                     at least

·           Schools/academies      at least 2/3 in relation to non-schools members

·           Maintained schools      at least 1 head; at least 1 secondary; at least 1 governors

·           Special schools             at least 1

·           Nursery schools                        at least 1

·           PRUs                              at least 1

·           14-19 partnership         at least 1

·           Early Years providers   at least 1


Alan stated that the tables contained in the report on the distribution of pupil population did not show a significant change in percentages, therefore representation could remain as it was at the moment.  However, there may be a need to review this arrangement in the future if more schools became primary academies.


Alan asked Forum to consider the following points before agreeing on its membership:


·           There were 11 primary school members with 10 votes;

·           There was a vacancy for a secondary academy member;

·           There were two PRU members with one vote;

·           The last time Schools Forum membership was discussed that there had been a desire to move to a smaller number of Members;

·           Early years had two representatives with one vote;

·           There was an option to have a Local Authority member (Matt Marsden had in the past been a member of Schools Forum, however the regulations stated that no finance officer should be a member);

·           Consideration of the need for the Roman Catholic Diocese vacancy, given the fact that this post had been vacant for a long time and that there were only two Catholic schools in the borough.


Alan explained that it was important to consider that Schools Forum may not exist in two to three years’ time.  In view of this fact, it may be sensible to continue with the current membership model and to retain the expertise of the present members.   


Alan was of the opinion that Early Years should be entitled to two members and two votes, due to the fact that they represented a large number of children.


After careful consideration the Forum was in agreement with the proposals.




1)     There would be 11 primary members with 10 votes;


2)     There would be two PRU members with 1 vote;


3)     There would be two Early Years members with two votes;


4)     There would be one member from the Local Authority, this would be the Head of Learning and Achievement;


5)     The Roman Catholic Diocese member would remain;


6)     The overall numbers would remain the same and there would be no length of office attached to the membership.

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