Agenda item

Application no 161066 Units 27, 28, 68 and 69, Suttons Business Park, Earley

Recommendation: Conditional Approval.


Proposal:  Full application for the demolition of existing Class B1 office buildings (Units 68 and 69) and the erection of three Class B2/B8 industrial units with ancillary office space and car parking/landscaping, refurbishment of existing Class B8 storage and distribution building (Unit 27-28) and reconfiguration of car parking area; the erection of a new Class B2/8 industrial unit with ancillary office space together with new car parking and landscaping; erection of a new security hut.


Applicant: Standard Life Assurance Ltd.


The Committee received and reviewed a report about this application, set out in Agenda pages 11 to 44.


The Committee was advised that the Members’ Update included:


·         Amendments to condition 13;

·         A proposed additional condition regarding visibility and the clearing of obstructions;

·         Amendments to the report;

·         Clarification regarding the increase in floor areas;

·         Information regarding a bat survey which had been carried out;

·         Clarification regarding the heights of the proposed and existing buildings;

·         Information regarding employment levels and the number of parking spaces.


It was noted that Members had visited the site on Friday 17 June 2016.


A Member expressed concern that should a business be operating 24 hours a day residents may be affected by the sound of delivery vehicles reversing and asked that a condition regarding the minimisation of reversing sensors be considered.  Officers suggested that a condition be added which stated that should the business in Unit 4, the closest unit to residential buildings, operate a 24 hour business, they be asked to submit the details of the operation. 


Members expressed concern that there were currently 297 parking spaces and the application proposed that there be 188.  The Planning Officer explained that the site was previously classified as B1 which was more resource intensive.  A Member questioned whether a minibus could collect some staff from the station.  Officers indicated that this could be referenced in the travel plan.


RESOLVED:  That application No. 161066 be approved, subject to the conditions set out on Agenda pages 12 to 16, with condition 13 amended as set out in the Members’ Update, an additional condition as set out in the Members’ Update and an additional condition regarding details of delivery hours for Unit 4 and measures to minimise any associated noise and disturbance to local residents in the event of the operation of the business 24 hours a day.  Condition to be agreed by the Head of Development Management and Regulatory Services in consultation with the Chairman.


Supporting documents: