Agenda item

Application no. F/2015/0430 - Pine Platt, Heath Ride, Finchampstead

Recommendation: Conditional Approval.


Proposal: Proposed erection of 5 bedroom dwelling with associated car parking and landscaping following the demolition of existing dwelling


Applicant: Mr and Mrs Lesner


The Committee received and considered a report about this application, set out on Agenda pages 243 to 274.


The Committee was advised that the Members’ Update included a recommended additional condition and amendments to the report.


The Planning Officer described the dimensions and footprint of the new building and how it related to the neighbouring houses and the surrounding area.


Cheryl Adams spoke objecting to the application on behalf of the owners of the two neighbouring properties.


Roger Marshallsay representing Finchampstead Parish Council said that he was not opposed to the site being redeveloped but that this proposal was of disproportionate size compared to the other houses on the road.


The Chairman read a statement opposing the application from Rob Stanton, Local Ward Member who was unable to attend due to ill-health.


It was noted that Members visited the site on Friday 11 September 2015 to view the site in context of the street scene and wider character of the area.


It was confirmed to Members that the plot was 2m wider than the adjoining properties and that the 2.5m separation to the nearest house complied with the Borough design guide.


RESOLVED: That application F/2015/0430 be approved, subject to the conditions set out on Agenda pages 243 to 247 with the additional condition as set out in the Members’ Update.


Supporting documents: