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Update on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy

To receive an update on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


Sarah Rayfield, Public Health, provided an updated on the development of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·       The public engagement had come to an end and the survey had closed on 28 February.  The final development stage of the strategy was being moved in to.

·       A number of themes had been identified in the process; empowerment and self care, digital and enablement, integration, prevention and recovery from Covid 19.

·       The public engagement had been quite extensive.  A Task and Finish Group had met weekly with representation from each of the Berkshire West authorities, the three Healthwatches and community organisations, the Voluntary Sector and the CCG.

·       The public engagement had included an online survey and responses had been received from a range of people and organisations including the Voluntary Sector and Town and Parish Councils.  It had been promoted via social media and also sent to residents via newsletters and publicised via the internal staff bulletin.  Social media had been used to specifically target areas to boost responses and a weekly download of responses received so far had been carried out. 

·       A number of focus groups had been held across the three local authorities.  National lockdown had impacted the ability to hold focus groups and to engage, which had necessitated the extension of the public consultation.

·       There had been less engagement with young people than had been hoped for.

·       Just under 4000 responses had been received to the survey, 1566 of which had come from Wokingham Borough.  A higher proportion of females than males had responded.  The Board noted the age distribution of those who had responded.

·       In terms of potential priorities those responding to the survey had been asked to rank the importance of eleven possible priorities.  It was hoped to refine this to three to five priorities.  There had been close alignment across the areas with regards to responses.  The top four priorities were; support vulnerable people to live healthy lives, help families and young children in early years, reduce the differences in health in different groups of people, and good mental health and wellbeing for all children and young people.

·       Those completing the survey had been asked how important each priority was to them.  A similar picture had been seen across the area.

·       The Board noted suggested areas where change was required.

·       Susan Parsonage asked how the work around the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy related to the work around the local Wellbeing Strategy.  Sarah Rayfield commented that there was likely to be some overlap.  Ingrid Slade stated that the Wokingham Strategy was set to end in 2021 and that there was potential for the Joint Strategy priorities to become those of Wokingham’s or others could be selected.  There could be a focus on local need in relation to each of the priorities.

·       Councillor Halsall commented that the focus was on Wokingham rather than across Berkshire West and that there were limited resources to direct to priorities.  Meradin Peachey stated that having a Berkshire West Strategy gave an opportunity to hold the rest of the system to account for the same priorities.  Wokingham and other organisations would have their own plan based on the priorities.

·       Matt Pope suggested that a workshop session be held to look at the potential priorities and the priorities for Wokingham.  Sarah Rayfield requested that this take place in April.


RESOLVED:  That the update on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy be noted.

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