Agenda item

Strategy into Action

To receive an update on the Strategy into Action.


Ingrid Slade presented the Strategy into Action update.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·       The Action groups continued to work well and had all met at least twice.

·       The way of reporting in which the Action Groups reported to the Wellbeing Board would be changing.

·       The Groups were working across partnerships around each of the main priorities to identify the key priorities within these in order to focus areas that they were going to work towards and report against in terms of existing services and where gaps may be identified.

·       The Creating Physically Active Communities group was the slightly more advanced and would have a dashboard at its next meeting.  The other two groups were currently at the evidence gathering stage to help focus their work.

·       Being in lockdown had influenced the activity that could be undertaken.  Around Creating Physically Active Communities there had been an increased online and promotion of online activity content, particularly for children.  The Group would consider whether there was a role for this online activity and teaching to continue beyond lockdown scenarios.

·       There had been an increase in alcohol and substance related referrals to Wokingham’s Drug and Alcohol Services over the last year of around 50%.  This was in line with the national picture and would be a priority for Public Health work going forwards.

·       With regards to the Health Inequalities Group, Public Health was working with Children’s Services on the reprocurement of the Children’s Health Visitor and School Nurse service.  Board members were encouraged to respond to the consultation on this.  The feedback from the Healthwatch perinatal services review would be fed into the service development.

·       Councillor Hare asked about voluntary sector involvement in the Social Isolation and Loneliness Group, as the membership seemed to be primarily from the Council.  He questioned whether groups such as LINK were involved.  Philip Bell indicated that he co-chaired the Group and that the LINK visiting scheme were now a part of the subgroup and that there was also a wider representation from the Friendship Alliance.

·       Dr Milligan commented that the social prescribers working in Primary Care were undertaking valuable work and could be integrated into the work around social isolation and loneliness.

·       With regards to online activity, Dr Milligan emphasised that many children preferred to undertake physical activity outside of the home.  Ingrid Slade commented that some adults preferred to exercise within the home, without the social element, and that this also needed to be catered to.

·       Dr Milligan stated that the increased referrals to the Drug and Alcohol service could be considered a positive as more people were seeking help.

·       Martin Sloan stated that with regards to the physically active communities workstream, many elderly and vulnerable people had had to shield as a result of Covid, and were now struggling to leave their homes again.  He informed the Board of the Moving with Confidence project, under which Sports and Leisure staff went into people’s homes to do one to one training sessions.

·       Through the Integration Board the Friendship Alliance was being funded to undertake further work on social isolation.

·       The Inequalities Group were undertaking a lot of work with regards to mental health issues, particularly as a result of Covid.  A pilot had been signed off and was showing good results in helping people to manage their wellbeing. 

·       Councillor Margetts commented that there was a significant amount of work going on in the different areas.  He questioned how and when other Members and the public could be informed.  Ingrid Slade suggested that by early summer.




1)    the progress updates from three established Strategy into Action Groups: outlined in the accompanying presentation (Appendix A), setup to deliver on Wellbeing Board objectives be reviewed. 


2)    further input, queries and comments from Board members on Action group progress to date be invited.


3)    the summary of progress captured during December 2020 (and first weeks of Jan 2021), these short summary reports (Appendix B) will remain in place and until formal reporting is implemented, be noted.


Supporting documents: