Agenda item

Application No.202106 - Paddicks Patch, Waingles Road, Charvil, RG10 0UA

Recommendation: Conditional approval


Proposal: Full Planning application for the proposed erection of new meeting hall following demolition of existing meeting hall, relocation of three metal storage containers, plus car park improvements with the installation of a cycle stand.


Applicant: Mr Donald MacDonald, Loddon District Scouts


The Committee considered a report about this application, set out in agenda pages 193 to 216.


The Committee were advised that the Members’ Update included:


·           Amended condition 6;

·           Updated summary information related to agenda page 201.


Gary Cowan queried why pictures of the site were not included within the agenda documentation, and asked that this be improved in the future. Gary stated that around 17 trees were due to be removed on the site. Gary added that 57 trees were due to be planted on site, although if they were juvenile specimens then they would not be adequate. Gary was of the opinion that tree replacement proposals should be adequate for each specific planning application, and not draw on trees planted in other areas.


Pauline Jorgensen queried how the landscaping would be managed against the road. Senjuti Manna, case officer, stated that she could confirm specific details with the landscape officer, however the trees along the roads were being retained, however it was not clear on the plan.


Stephen Conway stated that subject to the provision of adequate screening and sufficient tree planting, he would support this application.


Andrew Mickleburgh queried what percentage of biodiversity net gain would be achieved as part of this application, and queried whether two informatives might be added, asking for increased secure cycle storage and suggesting that the applicant explores opportunities to secure funding for solar panel provision. Simon Weeks stated that as a heavily wooded site, solar panels may not be effective, however there would be no harm with wither informative being added. Senjuti Manna stated that there was a standard DEFRA method used to calculate biodiversity net gain, and once the applicant came forward with a discharge of conditions application the Council’s ecology officer would give their input.


Malcolm Richards sought clarification regarding SUDs on the site. Senjuti Manna stated that the site had existing cess pits, which was not currently connected to the Thames Water system, however the proposed building would be connected to the system. The Council’s drainage officer had requested further details regarding SUDs and how the property would connect to the Thames Water system.


Carl Doran commented that there was a good replacement rate of trees on the site, however the replacement trees would be juvenile and therefore smaller. Simon Weeks commented that the trees due to be removed were of wither C or U categorisation, meaning they were, in general, trees of poor quality or health.


Andrew Mickleburgh proposed that two informatives be added, the first of which suggesting that the applicant provide additional on-site secure cycle storage, and the second suggesting that the applicant explores opportunities to secure funding for solar panel provision. These informatives were agreed by the Committee and added to the list of informatives.


RESOLVED That application number 202106 be approved, subject to conditions and informatives as set out in agenda pages 194 to 200, amended condition 6 as set out in the Memebrs’ Update, and additional informatives relating to secure cycle storage and solar panels as resolved by the Committee.

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