Agenda item

Application no: F/2014/2784 - Green Isle, Wargrave Road, Remenham

Recommendation:  Conditional Approval


Proposal:  Erection of dwelling and boathouse following the demolition of existing dwelling and boathouse.  Plus alterations to existing footbridge.


Applicant:  Mr T Cole


The Committee considered a report about this application, set out on Agenda pages 105 to 137.


The Committee was advised that the Members’ Update included details and clarification of:

·           The applicants’ points about the appearance of the proposed dwelling;

·           The Community Infrastructure Levy charge and reason for exemption;

·           The impact on the neighbouring properties;

·           Confirmation from the Tree and Landscape Officer the at the loss of the large willow tree was acceptable;

·           The response in the design to flood risk

·           Recommended additional condition relating to the provision of a Construction Method Statement; and informative.


The following corrections to the report were noted:

·           Agenda page 110 – Applicant’s Points, first bullet point add to end ‘, of local and national significance in the context of flood mitigation and resilience.’

·           Agenda page 113 – paragraph 10, end of first sentence delete ‘striking appearance’ and replace with ‘contemporary appearance’; in the last sentence add ‘not’ before ‘detrimentally’ .


Richard Coutts, agent, spoke in support of the application.


Councillor John Halsall, a Local Ward Member, spoke objecting to the application.


Alison Barraclough, representing Remenham Parish Council, spoke objecting to the application.


It was noted that Members visited the site on 24 April 2015 to to assess the impact on the character of the area and the Green Belt. The site was also  viewed from the Henley riverbank.


Local concerns had been expressed that the bulk and design of the new dwelling was out of character and brought urbanisation to the riverside.


Confirmation was given that as the dwelling was being built for the personal benefit of the applicant, under the CIL rules it was deemed to be a ‘self build’ development.


RESOLVED:  That application F/2014/2784 be approved, subject to the conditions set out on Agenda pages 106 to 137, with the additional condition and informative set out in the Members’ Update.

Supporting documents: