Agenda item

Application No. 190455 - Arborfield Garrison SDL and adjoining land, Parcel X, Arborfield, RG2 9LN

Recommendation: Conditional Approval


Proposal: Application for the approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning consent O/2014/2280 for the construction of 70 dwellings together with access from the Primary School Access Road (PSAR), associated internal access roads, parking, landscaping and footpaths/cycleways relating to land at Parcel X.


Applicant: Bewley Homes Plc C/O Savills (Mr Stuart Garnett)


The Committee received and reviewed a report about this application, set out in agenda pages 153 to 190.


The Committee were advised that the Members’ Update included:


·           Clarification of condition 6(b);

·           Alteration to condition 7.


Simon Weeks commented that this application was one of a series of reserved matters application for the wider Arborfield Garrison development site.


Gary Cowan commented that the 3 storey buildings towards the edge of the proposed development were not desirable, and sought clarification regarding parking restrictions. Alex Thwaites, Case Officer, clarified that parking restrictions would be enforced by condition.


Stephen Conway queried why there was a Highways objection to the application. Connor Corrigan, Service Manager – Strategic Development Locations Planning Delivery, clarified that the number of parking spaces were compliant and the Highways objection was related to the positioning of particular visitor spaces, and Highways suggested that trees be removed in order to reposition the spaces. Connor added that as the spaces were policy compliant, it was desirable from a planning and visual perspective to retain those trees.


Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey queried what the commuted sum would be used for in terms of affordable housing development. Simon Weeks stated that the commuted sum would be used to help redevelop the Gorse Ride estate, both renovating existing homes and creating brand new ones.


Carl Doran raised concerns over the split of affordable homes and the use of a commuted sum. Alex Thwaites confirmed that the proposed development conformed to the approved housing mix as stipulated at outline planning consent.  


RESOLVED That application 190455 be approved, subject to conditions and informatives as set out in agenda pages 154 to 158, clarified condition 6(b) and amended condition 7 as set out in the Members’ Update.

Supporting documents: