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Future in mind update

To receive an update on Future in Mind. (15 mins)


The Board received an update on Future in Mind from Sally Murray, NHS Berkshire West CCG and Hayley Rees, Lead Strategic Commissioner, Children’s Services, Strategy and Commissioning


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         The report was a summary of the larger Berkshire West Future in Mind document which was refreshed annually and had been published in October.  The Wokingham Borough Wellbeing Board was required to have regard to the report.

·         Capacity was being built across the system to provide help and support as early as possible.

·         Board members were informed of the shift from a traditional escalator style tiered system to a systems approach informed by the THRIVE framework.

·         Berkshire West was bucking the national trend in that the number of children requiring in patient beds was reducing as was the length of stay required.  Work was being done to keep more children within the area. 

·         Nationally the demand for emotional wellbeing services had increased.  It was possible that the increased demand was a positive sign and that stigma regarding emotional wellbeing issues was reducing.

·         For Eating Disorders the current trend suggested that demand continued to be greater than the nationally modelled estimates on which the Berkshire service was commissioned.  The risk and acuity of referrals had increased and the service was being reviewed.

·         There had been an increase in self-harm rates in all three Berkshire West Local Authorities for people aged 10 – 24.  Self-harm rates for 15 to 19 year olds across all three areas were higher than the national average with the biggest increase being in Reading.

·         The application to become a Green Paper trailblazer site to create new local Mental Health Support Teams in Reading and West Berkshire had been successful.  This would put more early help into schools.  A wave two application for Wokingham was being considered.

·         Board members were informed that funding had been secured from NHS England to build a new inpatient facility to replace Willow House, Wokingham.  This would provide more capacity and reduce the number of children placed out of area.

·         With regards to the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy Hayley Rees outlined work being carried out to take workstreams forwards.

·         Board members were updated on pCAMHS and the School Link Project.  The School Link Project pilot had involved 5 schools and had then increased to 12 schools.  It was hoped that this number would increase further.

·         Questionnaires were being sent to the primary schools to map what support was available regarding emotional wellbeing, to identify any gaps in provision and to understand whether an equal offer was provided across the schools.  It was noted that a capacity group had been established and included representatives from the primary and secondary schools and also Foundry College.

·         Katie Summers asked that the mapping exercise also include Early Years.

·         An update from the Educational Psychology Service was provided.  It was noted that The Holt School had commissioned another exam stress group from the service this term.

·         Councillor Helliar-Symons commented that she was pleased to read of the ambition to provide the right services when young people needed it.  She noted that there had been investment in workforce training across schools, primary care, the voluntary sector and social care, and asked what effect this would have on the work of the voluntary sector in particular.  Hayley Rees commented that engagement sessions had been held with the voluntary sector in order to assess capacity.  Philip Cook stated that he would like to push training opportunities out further across the voluntary sector.  Councillor Hellia- Symons indicated that Children’s Services was working with churches and youth groups.

·         Rhosyn Harris referred to work being undertaken with regards to trauma informed committees in Berkshire West.

·         Tessa Lindfield commented that the Future in Mind work linked with the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

·         Philip Cook asked if young people had been asked for their views.  Hayley Rees stated that work was being undertaken with the schools about what services were available. 

·         In response to a question regarding the services offered to state and private schools Sally Murray indicated that resources such as the Little Book of Sunshine were offered to all schools.

·         Dr Milligan emphasised that as a GP she was seeing more children visiting the GP willing to talk about their mental health rather than their parents talking on their behalf.


RESOLVED:  That the report and the updated Local Transformation Plan be noted.

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