Agenda item

Performance metrics

To receive updates on performance against the following:

·         Better Care Fund;

·         Public Health Outcomes Framework, NHS and Adult Social Care,

·         Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2014-17.


Please note that this will be by exception only. (30 mins)



The Board received an update on performance against various performance metrics.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         Darrell Gale updated the Board on a number of Public Health Outcome Framework (PHOF).  Comparing Wokingham to the comparative deprivation decile the majority of indicators were green.  The Board was focusing on the few red indicators where improvement was required.

·         The School Readiness indicators had an upward direction of travel.  Public Health had identified £100,000 for a community chest to support parents to access interventions that would hit a range of the PHOF’s including School Readiness.

·         The Chlamydia detection indicator had a downward direction of travel.  However, the direction of travel was based on only two data points. 

·         With regards to chlamydia detection, Councillor Haitham Taylor commented that she only saw testing kits in GP surgeries and 15-24 year olds did not always visit their GP often.  She suggested that the Young Commissioners be asked for suggestions for other places that kits could be put.  Dr Llewellyn commented that the Trust went out into the community to try and target the relevant age groups. 

·         The Health Check indicators remained red.  Beverley Graves asked why Wokingham was underperforming on the number of Health Checks offered.  It was noted that the CCG was making Health Checks a priority.

·         Board members questioned how the PHOF indicators had been selected and suggested that an introductory précis would be helpful.  It was agreed that it was important that the indicators that the Board monitored aligned with the Health and Wellbeing Strategy objectives.

·         The Board discussed various performance indicators and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy objective that it related to, where appropriate.

·         With regards to the ‘Total non-elective admissions in to hospital (general & acute), all-age’ indicator, Stuart Rowbotham indicated that it was sole performance payment metric in the Better Care Fund Plan.  Wokingham was one of the best performers with regards to the non-elective admissions and the target set was very difficult.  The CCG had proposed that the Department of Health be requested to revise the data and to renegotiate the non-elective admissions target.

·         Councillor Haitham Taylor commented that a number of indicators were performing much better than expected and questioned whether this would have an impact on staff capacity.  With regards to the ‘Increase the number of referrals to the BHFT memory clinic’ indicator, Katie Summers stated that the Trust had indicated that there was sufficient capacity.

·         It was noted that the ‘Number of Adult Safeguarding Referrals’ had decreased.  This was an area of significant concern and impact nationally and was something that Board felt needed to be monitored closely.  Stuart Rowbotham emphasised that a referral was not necessarily evidence of a safeguarding issue.  Councillor McGhee-Sumner questioned whether the target for next year would be based on this year’s performance.  Stuart Rowbotham commented that the benchmark across England was 591 referrals and it was expected that Wokingham would see fewer referrals than it was currently seeing.

·         Councillor Bray questioned why there was not information on Children’s Safeguarding.  Judith Ramsden commented that the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board received data on the effectiveness of Children’s Safeguarding.  It was suggested that the Chairman liaise with the Chairman of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board with regards to the possibility of sharing that information with the Board.


RESOLVED  That the update on performance be noted.

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