Agenda item

Update on Health and Wellbeing Board Refresh

To receive an update on the Health and Wellbeing Board refresh. (15 mins)


Graham Ebers, Director of Corporate Services provided an update on action being taken to refresh the Health and Wellbeing Board.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         Additional support was considered to be critical in sustaining momentum to the ‘refresh’ and providing the operational capacity needed to support the Board.  The Interim Director of People’s Services had reviewed the operational support across various strategic partnerships and recognised the need to enhance support to both the Health and Wellbeing Board and the Children’s and Young People Strategic Partnership.  The Interim Director of People Services was therefore seeking to create a resource that supported both partnerships (approximately 0.5 FTE each).  A Job Description had been produced and it was hoped that recruitment would begin in February.

·         Darrell Gale would approach the Local Government Association (LGA) in order to facilitate tailored training, following a skills audit.  The scoping of this work would take place in February.

·         With regards to good practice, Board members were asked what they felt were key criteria for this.  Dr Winfield commented that the LGA had produced a document which set out good practice for Health and Wellbeing Boards, which could provide a good framework.  She also suggested having a well supported Health and Wellbeing Strategy which was underpinned by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and also effective participation.  Councillor Haitham Taylor suggested that influencing partnership policy and strategy, engagement with partners, strong governance and tangible delivery of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, were key.

·         Paul Senior, Interim Director People Services commented that there was a need for genuine co-production.

·         With regards to integration and the Integrated Care System, the Board agreed that it would be helpful to have a workshop prior to the next Board meeting to discuss the implications.

·         The key priorities, objectives, timescales and milestones in respect of an integrated Health and Social Care strategy would be presented at the Board’s April meeting.

·         The Board discussed public engagement and branding.  Board members were asked what some of the Board’s key achievements were, in order to shape future promotional activity.  Councillor Haitham Taylor referred to the cost cutting agenda.  Katie Summers referred to the work of some of the partnerships such as WISP.  Darrell Gale highlighted the trust between partners particularly at a time of shrinking budgets.

·         Councillor Dolinski stated that work needed to be carried out around the size of the Health and Wellbeing Board agenda and the language used in reports in order to make the work of the Board more accessible.

·         The Board discussed KPI’s.  Katie Summers proposed that the indicators be more outcome focused and that the Sub Partnerships be asked to put forward one or two suggested indicators each.

·         Graham Ebers advised that following the progression of the integrated Health and Social Care strategy and the appointment of support to the Board, other issues around the themes of Governance and Partnership Working could be progressed.  This would lead to a complete Action Plan that would be presented at every Board meeting and would inform the Forward Programme of agenda items for future meetings.


RESOLVED:  That the actions to refresh the Health and Wellbeing Board Agenda detailed within the report be noted and supported.

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