Agenda item

Application no: F/2014/2105 - Former Allied Bakeries site, Viscount Way, Woodley

Recommendation:  Conditional Approval, subject to Legal Agreement.


Proposal: Erection of 68 dwellings with associated roads, parking, amenity space, landscaping and creation of new access onto Loddon Bridge Road


Applicant: Bloor Homes Ltd and ABF Grain Products Ltd

The Committee considered a report about this application set out on Agenda pages 111 to 150.


Having declared an interest in this application, Tim Holton, and was not present during the discussion or decision making. 


The Committee was advised that the site was had been allocated for residential development in the Managing Development Delivery Local Plan for around 57 units, with an access off Loddon Bridge Road.  It was confirmed that all units meet the Council’s minimum standards for separation, internal spaces, parking and garden depth, except three corner plots which are shorter than the standard, but are wider than other plots. Also that the Members’ Update included details of:

·           Recommended amendment to condition 11

·           An update to the S106 legal agreement

·           Clarification on the additional units proposed

·           Reference to an additional application for development on this site

·           Implications of the revised scheme for development on the site to the south

A correction to the report was noted on Agenda page 123 in the Representations section, the representations detailed should refer to Woodley Town Council, not Winnersh Parish Council.


Jenny Cheng, representing Woodley Town Council, spoke objecting to the application.


Jeff Carhill, the owner of one the haulage businesses on the adjoining site to the north, spoke objecting to the application. and raising the issue of the potential


Alison Swaddle, a Local Ward Member, spoke objecting to the application.


It was noted that Members has visited the site on 27 February 2015 to assess the impact on the character of the area, relationship with adjacent land uses, highway impact, and highway safety of the new access. 


In response to local concerns in relation to highway safety around the creation of a new access onto Loddon Bridge Road, the Highways Officer confirmed that from its location on the outside of the slight bend, there was clear visibility in both directions along Loddon Bridge Road.  The style of the access was similar to those along the length of the road; many of which were accesses to through roads, whereas the proposed access would only give access to the new closed housing development.  The existing access to Viscount Way was on to a private unadopted road, heavily used by HGVs going to and from the commercial uses to the north of the site.


The owner of one of the haulage companies that operate out of the site immediately to the north of the development raised serious concerns about the potential for complaints from new residents about disturbance from the adjoining commercial uses which could detrimentally affect the company’s ability to renew their operating licenses.  Complaints to the Traffic Commissioner could mean unrealistic conditions would be attached to their operating licenses which could make the continuation of their business unviable.  The haulage businesses operate 24 hours 7 days per week.  There is a requirement that a check is carried out on each vehicle each time it is sent out, at any time throughout the 24 hour operation, which has to include testing the reversing warning sirens and the new left turning warning recording which has to be at 80 decibels.  There were also concerns about overlooking/privacy from the windows at high level in commercial buildings and from their CCTV cameras.


Officers indicated that measures were being put in place to mitigate any noise disturbance in the adjoining dwellings and to reduce the internal noise levels to 45-30 decibels, such as high specification double glazing where appropriate, with extra thick glass and relying on windows being kept shut, with alternative ventilation via air conditioning.  A 3m high fence with possible higher planting was also proposed at the boundary between the two sites   They confirmed that the Environmental Health Officer had looked at the noise report submitted by the applicant and visited the commercial site to understand the conditions on site and had concluded that the proposed mitigation measures to reduce internal noise levels were acceptable.


Members acknowledged the concerns about the relationship of the commercial site with the proposed dwellings and suggested that more information was needed to understand the impact of any potential complaints from the occupiers of the development site on the granting of any future Goods Vehicle Operating Licence.


RESOLVED:   That the determination of application F/2014/2105 be deferred to the meeting of the Committee on 1 April, so that information and guidance can be obtained to allow Members to understand the impact of any potential complaints from the occupiers of the development site on the granting of any future Goods Vehicle Operating Licence.  Since other issues have been fully discussed and considered, only that issue will be revisited before the application is determined.

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