Constitution - Thursday, 23rd May, 2024

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Introduction and Summary pdf icon PDF 77 KB

Section 1 Structure and Responsibilities


Structure and Responsibilities pdf icon PDF 137 KB

1.1  The Councils Constitution

1.2  Committee Structure

1.3  Management Structure

1.4  Decision Making

1.5  Budget and Policy Framework

1.6  Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters


Section 2 Councillors


Councillors pdf icon PDF 231 KB

2.1  Roles and Functions of Councillors

2.2  Members Allowances Scheme


Section 3 Citizens and the Council


Citizens and the Council pdf icon PDF 171 KB

3.1  Citizens Rights

3.2  Access to information Procedure Rules

3.3  Freedom of Information Policy

3.4  Data Protection Policy

3.5  Petition Protocol

3.6  Filming and Recording Protocol


Section 4 The Council Meeting


The Council Meeting pdf icon PDF 383 KB

4.1  Policy Framework and Functions of the Council

4.2  Council Rules of Procedure

4.3  Roles and Functions of the Mayor

4.4  Committees of the Council – Audit Committee, Health and Wellbeing Board, Special Council Executive Committee.

Appendix – Protocol for Holding Virtual Meetings


Section 5 The Executive


The Executive pdf icon PDF 319 KB

5.1  Terms of Reference

5.2  Composition and Areas of Responsibility / Specific Responsibilities of Executive Members

5.3  Deputy Executive Members

5.4  Executive Procedure Rules

5.5  Protocol for Decision Making by Individual Executive Members

5.6  Key Decisions by the Executive (incorporated into Rule 5.1.9)

5.7  Committees and Sub-Committees of the Executive

Section 6 The Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee


The Overview and Scrutiny Management Committees pdf icon PDF 226 KB

6.1  Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee Terms of Reference

6.2  Overview and Scrutiny Committees Terms of Reference

6.3  Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules


Section 7 The Health Overview and Scrutiny committee


The Health Overview and Scrutiny committee has been incorporated into Section 6 - The Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee pdf icon PDF 31 KB

Section 8 Regulatory and Other Committees


Regulatory and Other Committees pdf icon PDF 254 KB

8.1  Planning Committee Term of Reference

8.2  Planning Committee Rules of Procedure

8.3  Planning Member Guidelines on Good Practice

8.4  Licensing and Appeals Committee

8.5  Highways Consultative Board

8.6  Personnel Board

8.7  School Transport Appeals

8.8  Commons Registration Committee


Section 9 Ethics and Corporate Governance


Ethics and Corporate Governance pdf icon PDF 887 KB

9.1  The Standards Committee

9.2  Code of Conduct for Councillors

9.3  Member / Officer Protocol

9.4  Anti Fraud and Corruption Strategy

9.5  Whistleblowing Policy and Guidance

9.6  Anti Bribery Policy

9.7  Anti Money Laundering Policy

9.8  Prosecution and Sanction Policy

9.9  Acquisition of Communications Data and Use of Covert Surveillance and Covert Human Intelligence Sources Policy

9.10 Councillor Representation on Outside Bodies Protocol

Appendix  Local Code of Corporate Governance


Section 10 - Partnership Working


Partnership Working pdf icon PDF 378 KB

10.1  Principles of Partnership Working

10.2  Partnership Protocol

Section 11 Officers


Officers pdf icon PDF 279 KB

11.1  Officers General Principles

11.2  Responsibility for Local Choice Functions

11.3  Scheme of Delegation to Officers

11.4  Officers Code of Conduct

11.5  Officer Employment Procedure Rules

11.6  Delegated Powers Relating to Staffing Matters

Section 12 Finance


Financial Regulations pdf icon PDF 370 KB

12.1  Financial Regulations

Section 13 Procurement and Contract Rules and Procedures


Procurement and Contract Rules and Procedures pdf icon PDF 247 KB

13.1  Purpose and Significance

13.2  General Principles

13.3  Procurement and Contract Rules

13.4  Overview of Procurement Process

13.5  Related Policies and Obligations

Revisions Document


This document shows all the revisions that have been made to the Constitution. pdf icon PDF 361 KB