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2021/22 Proposed De-delegated Services

Meeting: 09/12/2020 - Schools Forum (Item 25)

25 2021/22 Proposed De-delegated Services pdf icon PDF 221 KB

To receive and consider the 2021/22 Proposed De-delegated Services report.


Lynne Samuel presented the 2021/22 Proposed De-delegated Services report.


Lynne Samuel stated that the report provided an update on the proposed De-delegated Services for the 2021/22 financial year.


Lynne Samuel stated that those services currently de-delegated have remained the same for a number of years, with changes to the funding allocation basis taken forward in 2019/20 to charge some services on a ‘number on roll’ basis, better reflecting the size of each maintained school. 


Lynne Samuel sated that insurance would no longer be a de-delegated service.  The report contained a list of the services that continued to be de-delegated.


Lynne Samuel stated that there was challenge in continuing to fund de-delegated services with more schools becoming academies.


Lynne Samuel went through each individual de-delegated service:


Contingencies – it was proposed that this be held at £50k.  Lynne Samuel pointed out that although it could be argued that schools may be entitled to contingency funds in relation to Covid-19, the £50k would not be sufficient to cover all the costs relating to pressures arising from the pandemic for all maintained schools.


Behaviour Support Services – the schools finance team was working with colleagues at Foundry College to inform de-delegated proposals for the coming financial year, this funding arrangement was being reviewed.


Support to underperforming ethnic groups and bilingual learners – the funding of this service was being reviewed, taking into account the reduction in the number of maintained schools and the increase in staffing costs.  


Staff costs supply cover – there was no proposal to change this for the next financial year.


Licensing and Subscriptions - there was no proposal to change this for the next financial year.


It was generally agreed that schools be informed of the proposals ahead of the January meeting where a decision regarding this item would be made.




1)     the report be noted; and


2)     Schools Forum members representing maintained schools would disseminate the information contained in this report to their clusters.