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Wokingham Community Energy (WCE)

Meeting: 28/01/2021 - Executive (Item 76)

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That Wokingham Borough Council partner with the Wokingham Community Energy (WCE) Scheme.


The Executive considered a report relating to the Wokingham Community Energy (WCE) the aim of which was to create investment opportunities through a community share offering to encourage and facilitate a widespread uptake of the renewable energy installations within the Borough.


During his introduction the Executive Member for Resident Services, Communications and Emissions advised that the intention was to work with Energy4All to establish the Wokingham Community Energy fund.   Councillor Murray clarified that the Council was not setting up an energy company and the partner it was looking to work with had been undertaking such schemes since 2002 and had set up such schemes for 28 other councils and numerous other organisations.


Councillor Murray explained that the purpose of a Community Energy fund was to set up and provide funding for buildings and structures, charities and other organisations eg scout huts, libraries, charity offices, community centres, churches etc who would not ordinarily be able to get funding to instal alternative energy generating methods on to their buildings. 


It was noted during Councillor Murray’s further explanation of the scheme that it did not require the Council to put up any significant investment in order to be able to establish the fund however the Council did have the opportunity to become an investor in the Community Energy fund if it wished in the future.


RESOLVED: That Wokingham Borough Council partner with the Wokingham Community Energy (WCE) Scheme.