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2021/22 DSG Budget Planning Update

Meeting: 14/10/2020 - Schools Forum (Item 9)

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To receive and consider the 2021/22 DSG Budget Planning Update report.


Katherine Vernon presented the 2021/22 Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) Budget Planning Update report.


Katherine Vernon stated that there had been an overall increase of 4% to the 2021/22 allocation compared to this year’s allocation, the Early Years allocation would be known in December.


Katherine Vernon stated that the DfE had made limited changes to the funding arrangements due to the pandemic, as listed in the report.  The Task and Finish Group had met, gone through various models and put forward recommendations as listed in the report.


Katherine Vernon stated that a consultation was sent out to schools in September on the principles to be applied to the 2021/22 Schools Budget.  Schools were asked five questions and the responses received were as follows:


1)     Minimum Funding Guarantee (MFG) to keep it at 1% - 80% said yes

2)     Transferring 0.5% from the Schools Block to another Block -  52% said yes

3)     Keeping the primary to secondary ratio at 1:1.29 – 92% said yes

4)     To move towards the National Funding Formula (NFF) Factors over 3 years – 96% said yes

5)     Mobility factor – whether to move towards the NFF – 68% said yes


During the discussion of the item the following comments were made:


·           Corrina Gillard stated that she had discussed question number 2 with her cluster and she found that the question had not been clear to schools.  Schools in her cluster had asked that it be reported to Schools Forum that if the question had been clearer they would have replied ‘no’;

·           Lynne Samuel stated that the question about moving 0.5% was about the principle of moving it to another Block; she believed that the result represented a more positive response than in previous years;

·           Corrina Gillard stated that Headteachers needed more information about the Blocks in order to make an informed decision;

·           Derren Gray stated that the option to transfer 0.5% from the Schools Block to the HNB had not been discussed at the Task and Finish Group because Schools Forum had not been in favour of this option in the past.  He asked if there was a breakdown of the responses and Katherine Vernon stated that there was not, as the survey was anonymous;

·           Sal Thirlway indicated that the closing date for the local authority to make a disapplication request to the DfE was 20 November;

·           Brian Prebble stated that schools needed a better understanding of how the money would be used in order to make an informed decision;

·           Corrina Gillard pointed out that schools were facing financial difficulties due to the current situation and needed to fully understand how this would impact their budgets;

·           Ginny Rhodes stated that the percentage of schools that responded ‘yes’ to the question was not significantly high.  She believed that members of Schools Forum had a good understanding of how the Blocks worked and were in a better position to make a decision;

·           Ben Godber was of the opinion that schools should be consulted again with more information;

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