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19-20 Contingency Breakdown

Meeting: 10/07/2019 - Schools Forum (Item 57)

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To receive and consider the 19/20 Contingencies Breakdown update.


Coral Miller presented the 2019/20 Contingency Breakdown report.  The report contained an update on how the Council had allocated the de-delegated schools’ contingency budget to date in the current financial year.


Coral Miller stated that of the £107,095 provided for in 2019/20, one allocation of £30,000 had been made to a school with exceptional financial pressures due to long term illness of the Headteacher.  The £77k left over was probably going to be used to offset the overspend in staff supply cover.


Coral Miller stated that it was very difficult to estimate the figure for staff supply cover as no-one new how many staff were likely to get pregnant.


Coral Miller stated the DfE was offering a Schools Resource Management Advisors service for schools in financial difficulties.  They only offered two advisors per local authority.  Coral had already contacted two schools that may like to take the service.  It was possible that the contingencies fund may be used to help these two schools.


During the discussion of the item the following comments were made:


·           Karen Edwards asked how much was in the Early Years fund and what was this spent on.  Coral Miller stated that there was around £200k left, the Early Years fund was spent on Growth.  She was waiting for the final figures from the DfE to finalise calculations;

·           In response to a question Coral Miller stated that the figures were based on an estimate of pupil numbers;  the figures would only be confirmed in July;

·           Members felt that it would be beneficial to include the contingency figures for Early Years, separately from the maintained schools reporting in future reports.




1)     The contingency breakdown report will be split into two reports: one for maintained schools and one for Early Years, as standing items; and


2)     The report be noted.