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Revenue Monitoring report

Meeting: 10/07/2019 - Schools Forum (Item 56)

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To receive a report containing the Revenue Monitoring 2019/20 update.


Coral Miller presented the 2019/20 DSG Revenue Monitoring report.  She stated that a cumulative deficit of £4.2m was anticipated for the year, largely due to an overspend in the HNB.  This included a carry forward deficit from 2018/19 of £2.50m.  However, it was hoped that this figure could be improved.


During the discussion of the item the following comments were made;


·           Paul Miller stated that it would be useful to include a line indicating the recovery figures from previous years; he also suggested adding a line splitting the maternity cover cost from the supply cover cost to make it clearer;

·           Paul Miller asked that the underspend in contingencies which may be used to cover the overspend in the de-delegated budget be demonstrated in the next report to Forum;

·           Derren Gray asked about the omission of (800) in column E relating ‘Teacher Pay Pension – Grant’.  Coral Miller confirmed that it should have been included;

·           Members were concerned about the errors in the report and asked Officers to use Excel spreadsheets to produce reports.  Coral Miller confirmed that Excel was used.




1)     The next report to Schools Forum will include the requested additional lines as discussed during the meeting; and


2)     The report be noted.