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Berkshire West Governance

Meeting: 13/06/2019 - Wokingham Borough Wellbeing Board (Item 8)

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To consider a report regarding Berkshire West Governance.

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Graham Ebers, Deputy Chief Executive, presented a report regarding the governance of the Berkshire West system.  The report set out the arrangements for the proposed creation of a Berkshire West Integrated Care Partnership across Berkshire West.  Table 3 and Appendices 5a-5c were circulated at the meeting.


During the discussion of this item the following points were made:


·         The report would be presented to all of the Berkshire West Wellbeing Boards.

·         It had been agreed previously that the Berkshire West 10 Integration Programme (BW10) and the Berkshire West Integrated Care System (BWICS) would be combined.

·         In response to a question from Councillor Halsall regarding the role of the Integrated Care Partnership, Dr Winfield commented that it presented an opportunity to bring together the work of the different Wellbeing Boards.  Two systems which had been running in parallel would be brought together under a senior leadership team, ensuring strengthened governance.  A greater role was envisaged for elected Members.  Graham Ebers indicated that the Chairman of the Wokingham Borough Wellbeing Board would be a member of the Berkshire West Integrated Partnership Leadership Board.

·         The Partnership would help deliver the work programme

·         Councillor Margetts asked when an assessment of whether the change had been successful would be carried out.  Dr Winfield commented that a review would be built in to the process.  A launch event would be held in July followed by developmental sessions for the Leadership Group.

·         Graham Ebers commented that the Wellbeing Board would be able to monitor performance. 

·         Tessa Lindfield stated that the production of a Health and Wellbeing Strategy was one of the key functions of the Wellbeing Board and that the Clinical Commissioning Group and the local authority had a duty to have regards to that strategy.  She welcomed the opportunity for greater inclusion and input from the Wellbeing Board Chairmen. 

·         Katie Summers stated that the Wellbeing Board had a number of key constitutional factors that it had to deliver on including integrated care.  Wokingham Borough had progressed well with regards to integrated care but shared a large community trust with others and could not work in isolation.

·         Councillor Hare commented that he felt that the proposed governance arrangements were necessary.




1)         That the strategic objectives outlined in the main report (Table 3) be approved as the basis of the BWICSs work programme in 2019/20 noting that these are likely to change as a new strategy is developed;


2)         The taxonomy summarised in Fig 1 be used to frame the governance arrangements for the BWICP;


3)         That the governance structure as set out in Fig 2 be adopted for the new BW ICP.


4)         That the terms of reference for the BWICP Leadership Board, BW10 Executive and BW10 Delivery Group as set out in Appendices 5a-c of the main report be agreed.


5)         That the principles for resourcing the ICP be agreed.