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Licensing and Appeals Committee
Tuesday, 18th March, 2014 7.00 pm

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Committee titleLicensing and Appeals
Date18 March 2014
18.3.14 Minutes Licensing and Appeals - 20KB 18.3.14 Minutes Licensing and Appeals
18.3.14 Item 46 Licensing and Appeals Committee - 98KB Item 46 Taxi and Private Hire (Dual) Three Year Driver Licences
18.3.14 Item 47 Licensing and Appeals Committee - 68KB Item 47 Home Boarding of Dogs
18.3.14 Item 49 Licensing and Appeals Committee - 29KB Item 49 West Berkshire & Wokingham Environmental Health and Licensing Shared Service -Licensing Forward Plan 2014/15
Additional information
Item 48 Hearings update - Verbal update at the meeting